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Magee Group's unique blend of strategic consulting, tactical advice, and technical savvy are of value to venture capitalists, application developers and telecom companies alike. Typically we serve three segments:

Early Stage Technology Vendors

  • Tactical Product Planning - We provide guidance on what enabling technologies, services and applications are most important to the development of service provider networks with a focus on Broadband IP, wireless, and next-generation network services and technologies.
  • Strategic Business Development - We provide critical introductions to decision making personnel within service providers to speed adoption, standards development and the acquisition of key customers.

Venture Capital/Private Equity

  • Technical Due Diligence - Our deep technical knowledge of networking protocols and services give us a unique perspective on what new technologies or systems have the best chance for adoption in crowded carrier networks.
  • Industry/Trend Analysis - We examine the competitive landscape and performance of telecom companies across all sectors to assess the potential for a particular service offering or technology product.
  • Business/Revenue Model Analysis - We pinpoint startup/early stage companies with the best chance for growth and profitability by leveraging our experience analyzing a diverse array of telecom business plans.

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Carriers

  • Strategic Planning - We help our clients identify the most complementary strategic partners and position themselves to benefit from ongoing industry consolidation.
  • Product/Service Planning - We analyze carrier infrastructure plans and product offerings and make recommendations to improve service penetration and prepare for future technology shifts.
  • Business/Revenue Model - We provide guidance to retool business models (e.g. migrate from UNE-P to VoIP), improve sales, reduce costs and maximize service margins and profitability.
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